Magnesium Chloride Flakes 50g

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Magnesium Chloride is a chemical compound (MgCl2 ) which has been produced from seawater after the Sodium Chloride has been removed, and the water has evaporated.

This product has been thoroughly tested for purity and is considered food grade.

Origin: China
Common use: In the culinary world, it is most commonly used as a coagulant in the preparation of tofu from soy milk also known as Nigari in Japan or Lushui in China.

Magnesium Chloride may also be useful as a topical application in baths or as sprays (aka Magnesium oil) for transdermal absorption to help correct magnesium deficiencies.

Recipe for "Magnesium Oil":
Bring ½ cup of water to a boil in a non-aluminum saucepan. Turn off the heat and stir in ½ cup of magnesium flakes until dissolved. When cool, pour into a spray bottle.

You just created a highly saturated Magnesium solution and when applied to the skin it feels somewhat greasy (thus the name). Avoid sensitive skin areas to reduce stinging sensation.

Possible benefits include reduced muscle cramping, improved sleep, help with headaches, and as an anti-stress agent.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark, dry place